Our Mission

The mission of our organization is the following:

1) Foster a community of experts drawn from both within the ranks of the military and from beyond focused on a purpose of improving military communications.

2) Provide a repository of helpful insights and reflections on technological innovation for military communicators.

3) Establish an open forum for professional discussions on any subject related to military communications.

4) Earn the trust of readers for fair and impartial analysis of emerging technologies and best practices.

5) Enforce an area for positive interaction – where ideas are shared and discussed in an affirming manner.

We welcome professional comments and guest bloggers.

7 thoughts on “Our Mission

  1. Bless you for this effort, I tried to do the same thing when I was a senior Program Manager at Fort Monmouth and at the same time Chief Signal Officer NJARNG. What I used was the pages of the Army Communicator at Fort Gordon (that still has lots of my stuff on their web site) and a net based system run by Gordon called SIGNET. SIGNET got taken down sometime before I retired because some of the comments became very heated!!!By the time I was done I became the “most published author” in the history of Army Communicator. I had lots of fans but the Signal powers that were did not like much of what I said. Hope that you have better luck than I did!!!! Wishing you all the best!!!! DAVE FIEDLER LTC (ret)/ GS-855-15(ret).


    1. Thank you for that insight Dave. I am optimistic that this forum can become a place for affirmative exchanges of information and shared insights. Our civilian counterparts have developed a number of helpful resources for leaders to get ideas to improve their professional lives. My hope, is that this site can offer the same for military communicators.


  2. Mr Fiedler…I would not downplay your efforts. You were WAY AHEAD of your time.

    I think that if all those articles you kicked out back then were re-released, you’d gain a whole new cohort of fans.

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  3. I would be most interested in the compendium of your papers. I happen to know Ed Farmer. He was the commander of the CASMR 20th CE Det., Sacramento, California. I retired from the CASMR with 21 years of service.

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