Data Engineering for AI at the Tactical Edge

As artificial intelligence (AI) developers strive to deliver the potential of their applications to future battlefields, the largest stumbling block will likely be the lack of data engineering for an appropriate backside network and automation infrastructure. The following article in SIGNAL Magazine outlines where the DoD may want to start in governing data engineering for … More Data Engineering for AI at the Tactical Edge

The Pros and Cons of Privatizing Military Communications

In the U.S. Defense Department, both the demands and costs for reliable, resilient, and robust communication services continue to grow. As the services consider options to privatize aspects of communication, both the opportunities and challenges require thorough consideration. This article in SIGNAL Magazine examines the privatization of military communications.

This essay was written by AI (artificial intelligence)

If you have not heard of AI-backed natural language generation systems – the time has come for you to consider the topic. During my studies at Carnegie Mellon University – I have been exploring this technology and considering various applications and their associated benefits and risks. If you want a sampling of where the field … More This essay was written by AI (artificial intelligence)

Digital Coaches can Produce Expert Soldiers

As the DoD drives forward with investments in machine learning, data science, and autonomy – the time has come for leaders to consider how the rise of AI technologies can transform education and training. In this article in Army Magazine, I review leading research on expertise and its development and make the case that new … More Digital Coaches can Produce Expert Soldiers

If You Build It, They May Not Come – The Cloud in the DoD

The Defense Department’s investments in a transition to cloud services has each of the Services examining the costs and benefits of transition. As each military service rolls out new cloud capabilities, however, they may find that simply building these solutions will not attract organizations to use them. The following short piece in SIGNAL Magazine considers … More If You Build It, They May Not Come – The Cloud in the DoD

Creating Military Innovation Institutes

Recent announcements by Secretary of Defense, Ash Carter, regarding the development of Defense Innovation Units Experimental – in Silicon Valley, Boston, and now Austin, have inspired many in the Department of Defense, including myself, to consider how we too can deliver innovation. Given the need to modernize American military forces after nearly two decades of … More Creating Military Innovation Institutes