A Call for Collaboration in Innovation

By establishing this site we hope to encourage those passionate about military communications to contribute to an ongoing dialogue about what is working, what is broken, and perhaps most importantly, what we can do about it.

The purpose of this organization and this blog site will be the following:

1) Foster a community of experts drawn from both within the ranks of the military and from beyond focused on a purpose of improving military communications.

2) Provide a repository of helpful insights and reflections on technological innovation for military communicators.

3) Establish an open forum for professional discussions on any subject related to military communications.

4) Earn the trust of readers for fair and impartial analysis of emerging technologies and best practices.

This post is just a beginning. I look forward to the discussion and dialogue.

As always – the views in this piece are mine alone and do not represent the U.S. government, Department of Defense, United States Army, or any other organization with which I have had any association.

And – if you are interested in collaborating on this topic please let us know and we’ll get you on our distro.

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