Mini Cooper’s Augmented Reality Goggles – What Are the Use Cases in the Military?

If you have not yet heard of the new goggles being developed by Mini Cooper please check out this short clip from C/NET.

There is probably only a small group of Mini enthusiast that will want to take these goggles on. However, I think in sectors where folks wear safety glasses or helmets anyway while operating vehicles or equipment this type of technology has great appeal.

I can very easily visualize the capability of this technology being used for a wide variety of military applications:

  • Operators of any military vehicle – tank drivers, MRAP operators, Stryker crews, etc.
  • Gunners inside vehicles controlling external weapon systems
  • Paratroopers looking through the skin of an aircraft at a DZ
  • A team sitting on the edges of a little bird
  • Operators on an objective seeing the location of teammates behind barriers
  • A ship’s crew managing navigational info and ship statistics
  • Marine’s getting ready to assault a beach out of an ACV

The list goes on.

As augmented reality devices such as this new concept by Mini hit the streets – expect increased attention within the defense sector.  There are use cases for augmented reality in the military.

As always – the views in this piece are mine alone and do not represent the U.S. government, Department of Defense, United States Army, or any other organization with which I have had any association.

If you are working in this area or know someone who is – please share a comment and help us all better understand the potential as well as the challenges of this new technology.

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